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The Abies Bracteata is commonly known as the Bristlecone Fir, Santa Lucia Fir as well as Silver Fir.

The currently accepted scientific name for bristlecone fir is Abies bracteata (D. Don) Nutt., , the sole member of the subgenus Pseudotorreya (all other firs belong to subgenus Abies) . There are conflicting views as to the proper authority assignation .

Bristlecone fir is restricted to the Santa Lucia Mountains of the central California coast in Monterey County, and possibly in extreme northwestern San Luis Obispo County. The San Luis Obispo County population was not found after a fire occurred in the area .

Bristlecone fir occurs in the mixed evergreen forest of the Santa Lucia Range. This foreset is consideres as (Quercus agrifolia), canyon live oak (Q. chrysolepis), California black oak (Q. kelloggii), (Q. wislizenii), and tanoak (Lithocarpus densiflorus). Mature stands of bristlecone fir are almost restricted to the canyon live oak phase of the mixed evergreen forest . Bristlecone fir also occurs with sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana), tanoak, Pacific ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa var. ponderosa), and incense-cedar (Liboocedrus decurrens) .

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