Quercus Michauxii Tree Information

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Quercus Michauxii grows in the following 15 states and provinces:

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia

Information about Quercus Michauxii:

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The Quercus Michauxii is commonly known as the Basket Oak, Cow Oak as well as Swamp Chestnut Oak.

The currently accepted scientific name for swamp chestnut oak is Quercus michauxii Nutt. (Fagaceae) . There are no recognized subspecies, varieties, or forms. There seems to be some confusion about the use of Q. prinus for chestnut oak, as it is also a synonym for swamp chestnut oak . Swamp chestnut oak hybridizes with white oak (Q. alba) to form Beadle oak (Q. x beadlei Trelease ex Palmer) . For more information on swamp chestnut oak hybrids see Little .

Swamp chestnut oak occurs from Maryland south along the coast to northern Florida, west through the Gulf Coast States to eastern Texas, and north through eastern Arkansas, western Tennessee, southeastern Missouri, southern Illinois and Indiana, and parts of Kentucky .

Swamp chestnut oak is representative of upland climax communities in the Southeastern Coastal Plain. It is also listed in vegetation type classifications of the southern mixed hardwood forests of central Florida .

Some of the information provided here is attributed to:Snyder, S. A. 1992. Quercus michauxii. In: Fire Effects Information System, [Online]. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire Sciences Laboratory (Producer). , available at the USDA Fire Effects Information System (FEIS) website