Mescal bean Sophora Tree Information

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Mescal bean Sophora grows in the following 4 states and provinces:

Colorado, Maine, New Mexico, Texas

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The Sophora Secundiflora is commonly known as the Big Drunk Bean, Colorin, Coral Bean, Coralbean, Evergreen Coralbean, Frigolito, Frijolillo, Frijolito, Frijollito, Mescal Bean, Mescal-bean Sophora, Mescalbean Sophora, Mountain Laurel, Red Bean, Red-hots as well as Texas Mountain Laurel.

Mescalbean sophora is a memeber of the bean family Fabaceae. Its currently accepted scientific name is Sophora secundiflora (Gomez Ortega) Lag. ex DC. .

Mescalbean sophora grows from southeastern New Mexico to central and western Texas and adjacent Mexico .

Mescalbean sophora is generally not a dominant but occurs as scattered individuals in many plant communities. It may become locally abundant in riparian deciduous forests.

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