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Hemlock grows in the following 2 states and provinces:

California, Hawaii

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The Pseudotsuga Macrocarpa is commonly known as the Bigcone Douglas-fir, Bigcone Douglas-spruce, Bigcone Spruce, Desert Fir, False Hemlock as well as Hemlock.

The currently accepted scientific name of bigcone Douglas-fir is Pseudotsuga macrocarpa (Vasey) Mayr . There are no subspecies, varieties, or forms . Bigcone Douglas-fir and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) do not naturally hybridize because their ranges do not overlap. They readily hybridize, however, under laboratory conditions (see Management Considerations) .

Bigcone Douglas-fir occurs in mountains of southern California. It is distributed from the Santa Ynez Mountains in eastern Santa Barbara County and the Tehachipi Mountains of southwestern Kern County south to Julian, San Diego County . It is cultivated in Hawaii .

Low elevation (

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