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Coast Redwood grows in the following 3 states and provinces:

California, Hawaii, Oregon

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The Sequoia Sempervirens is commonly known as the California Redwood, Coast Redwood as well as Redwood.

The currently accepted scientific name of redwood is Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl. Redwood is a member of the Taxodium (Taxodiaceae) family . There are no recognized subspecies, varieties, or forms.

Redwood is endemic to the coastal area of northern California and southwestern Oregon. The redwoods occupy a narrow strip of land approximately 450 miles (724 km) in length and 5 to 35 miles (8-56 km) in width. The northern boundary of its range is marked by two groves on the Chetco River in the Siskiyou Mountains within 15 miles (25 km) of the California-Oregon border . The southern boundary of redwood's range is marked by a grove in Salmon Creek Canyon in the Santa Lucia Mountains of southern Monterey County, California .

Redwood is listed as a dominant or codominant overstory species in the following publications: Coast redwood ecological types of southern Montery County, California . Terrestrial natural communities of California . The redwood forest and associated north coast forests . Forest associations of Little Lost Man Creek, Humboldt County, California: Reference-level in the hierarchical struture of old-growth coastal redwood vegetaion . Preliminary plant associations of the Siskiyou Mountain Province . Tanoak series of the Siskiyou Region of southwest Oregon .

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