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Arizona Madrono grows in the following 4 states and provinces:

Arizona, Colorado, Maine, New Mexico

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The Arbutus Arizonica is commonly known as the Arizona Madrone as well as Arizona Madrono.

The currently accepted scientific name of Arizona madrone is Arbutus arizonica (Gray) Sarg. . It is a member of the heather family (Ericaceae). There are no recognized subspecies, varieties, or forms.

Arizona madrone has a limited distribution. It is found in the foothills and lower mountains of southern Arizona and New Mexico, and northern Mexico .

Arizona madrone is widespread in mesic areas of the Madrean (i.e., Sierra Madre) evergreen woodlands, extending up into the mixed coniferous forest . Additionally, it is a minor component of two riparian community types: (1) Arizona sycamore/American ash (Platanus wrightii/Fraxinus pennsylvanica) and (2) Arizona sycamore . Arizona madrone is an important species within the oak-pine woodland, especially the pygmy conifer-oak scrub (Pinus cembroides-Juniperus deppeana-Quercus arizonica, Q. emoryi) . It is also found in drier adjacent communities with buckbrush (Ceanothus huichugore) . It is listed as a minor seral species in the following classification: Forest and woodland habitat types (plant associations) of Arizona south of the Mogollon Rim and southwestern New Mexico .

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